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Personal Injury/ Medical Negligence

Anastasios Mylonas & Co LLC represents plaintiffs and defendants in all types of personal injury claims.

Our firm has successfully represented individuals and companies involved in personal injuries and damages in all kinds of accident in Cyprus.

Road Traffic Accidents

Our firm has huge experience managing claims for people who have suffered minor or serious injuries in collisions involving cars, motorbikes and other vehicles. We have secured fair compensation for car drivers and pedestrians who have been in accidents caused by the negligence of reckless drivers.

Our firm’s policy is to secure the best possible compensation for our clients in the most time efficient way. The majority of claims we have handled, have been settled out of Court without the need for long Court proceedings. Most drivers will be insured and the insurance companies generally prefer settling out of Court. In most cases we successfully obtain a compensation for our clients within just weeks of taking over the claim.

Medical negligence

Our firm provides full services in relation to injury and loss suffered as a result of medical negligence, whether in the course of public or private treatment. We have handled and are handling cases for local and foreign clients relating to complex clinical malpractice cases. Medical negligence cases can be very diverse and complex and our skilled lawyers provide clients with the technical skills and expertise needed.

Areas of medical negligence include:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Delay in diagnosis 
  • Surgical accidents
  • Claims against medical professionals/ public or private hospitals 
  • Birth injury claims

We offer a free initial consultation so that we will be able to tell you if you have a justifiable claim, how likely your case is to succeed and what the value of your claim may be.