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Land Registry Fees

Land Registry Fees are levied by the Department of Land and Surveys upon the purchaser on the transfer of immovable property and are as follows:

At completion, you are required to pay Transfer Fees and in return, the District Lands’ Office issues a Title Deed bearing your name as the property’s legal and registered owner. At the time of writing, the half of the following fees are payable:

  • 3% – on the first € 85,430
  • 5% – on the next € 85,430
  • 8% – beyond €170.000

Therefore for a home costing € 200,000, the Transfer Fees would be € 9,165.60; for a home costing € 400,000, the Transfer Fees would be € 25,165.60212.582.80
If your Contract of Sale is in joint names (e.g. a husband and wife), the Property Transfer Fees are calculated as if you’d both bought a property of half the value.