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Fiduciary, Administration & Trustee Services

Each Cyprus Company needs to register at least one Director, a shareholder, a secretary and a registered office. Anastasios Z. MYLONAS & Co LLC provides the full range of the services into a special service package that will have you relaxed and enjoy the Cyprus Company benefits.


Each Cyprus Company requires at least one Director, that may be an individual or Company. For clients to be able to enjoy the tax advantages connected with registering a company in Cyprus, it should be evident that the management and control of their company is exercised in Cyprus. The main factor in determining that this requirement is satisfied is that the majority of the directors are resident in Cyprus and the management decisions of the company are taken in Cyprus.

Anastasios Z. MYLONAS & Co LLC offers professional services of Directors to companies that wish to benefit from the Cypriot tax legislation and have expert administrators to offer their day-to-day business activities. In this event, we can provide companies with corporate or individual directors. In this respect you sit back and focus on your business whereas our team of professionals will deal with the day to day operations.


 A Cyprus Company is not obliged to have non-executive Directors, except Companies that obtain a license to operate into regulated markets such as Banking licenses, Credit acquiring institutions, Payment and Electronic Money Institutions, Investment firms offer services to the public and various type of funds).

Whereas you have or you wish to obtain such license, Anastasios Z. MYLONAS & Co LLC offers professional services of Non-Executive Directors as to meet the regulatory needs. However, this is not just a regulatory administration work. Our selection of professionals, having expertise to various matters can add value to your business by attending the Board Meetings, contribute into the Company’s strategy, business development, marketing, cost chain and regulatory compliance framework.

Non-executive Directors can also been appointed voluntary into not licensed companies, where you feel that the related cost would be multiply covered by the injected expertize of our professionals.


Each Cyprus Company is obliged to appoint a secretary. Anastasios Z. MYLONAS & Co LLC is able to provide secretarial services to companies that will maintain the company’s statutory registers and records in accordance with the standards imposed by the laws of Cyprus.  The secretary shall act under the instructions of the board of directors and shall prepare and file all statutory forms, resolutions, annual returns with the Registrar of Companies.


The Cypriot legal regime allows anonymity to owners of shares who do not wish to appear as registered shareholders of the company. Anastasios Z. MYLONAS & Co LLC offers nominee shareholder services, whilst the actual ownership of the shares rests with the beneficial owners.

Our clients are provided with documentary evidence (the “trust deed”) with regards to the beneficial ownership of their company and we undertake to hold shares in trust for their benefit and to deal with or dispose of the shares as the owner may instruct us.  We shall not disclose our clients’ personal information without their consent under any circumstances, unless required to do so by the Courts or as part of an investigation into certain specific criminal activities. 


Every company need to have a registered address. We are able to provide our clientele companies with a registered office in Cyprus in case they do not maintain their own offices. 


Where you effect any request either for statutory changes to the company, or any other service to be provided to you, will not keep you looking to unknown destination. Anastasios Z. MYLONAS & Co LLC offers a range of services that fulfill the needs of Cyprus local and International clients.

Some examples are:

  • Changes to the shareholders
  • Changes to the directors
  • Changes to the issued or authorized share capital
  • Issue o share capital
  • Transfer of shares
  • Amendments to the Articles of Association
  • Changes to the Company name
  • Drafting of agreements
  • Review and Execution of documentation
  • Certificate of Incumbency and secretary documentation
  • Board resolutions
  • Power of Attorney
  • Preparation of letters (cards)
  • Confirmation letters
  • Embassy Certifications
  • Certifying Officer (Notary) Authentication
  • Apostille Authentication (per document including Notary Authentication
  • Translation of documents
  • Pledge registration formalities


Anastasios Z. MYLONAS & Co LLC and its associate company Semestria Secretarial Limited are licensed by the Cyprus Bar Association, as an Administrative Service Provider as per the Law 196(Ι)/2012 Regulating Companies Providing Administrative Services and Related Matters of 2012, as amended therein.