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Bank Account Opening And Bank Signatories

Anastasios Z. MYLONAS & Co LLC has a long established banking relations handling all banking needs and requirements of our clients.  Experienced members of our team handle the whole account opening process making it easy, fast and convenient for our clients. 

Provided that all prerequisites are in place, we assist you on opening a personal or corporate bank account in Cyprus, without your physical presence being necessary.  We further assist in opening bank accounts at leadings banks at a number of locations in the EU, UAE and Asia, however additional conditions may apply (such as a personal meeting or minimum initial deposits).  

We undertake the opening of your bank account with the bank of your choice.  Such bank account can have all operations available including: online banking, VISA card, cheque book etc.  We can further arrange the opening of merchant accounts provided that further conditions are met.

Please note: only you or your nominated signatories will have access to the bank account.  We do regularly provide the service of "nominee banking", upon the client's written instructions.  This way, we can arrange payments and invoice settlements as the circumstances may dictate and upon the client's instructions.  

Anastasios Z. MYLONAS & Co LLC also provides bank account management services, such as:

  • Bank account signatory services
  • maintenance of account records and on-going monitoring
  • Paying invoices and facilitating payments on your behalf
  • Liaison with bank officers when required 

All aforementioned services are provided at a strictly personal level, in direct communication with, and upon sufficient instructions by, the client.